Seribell: our story
began in 1973

We have also pursued a prompt and constant search for work approaches at Seribell, managing to find, over time, the technical combinations that have allowed us to produce with competitive costs, progressively increasing our turnover.  


Today, Seribell is a competitive screen-printing industry in the market because of its continuous technological investments in the production process and in staff training. Commitment, professionalism and creativity have led us to being: a team of 59 young and dynamic people wishing to achieve excellent results in an industry that…Read More


The foundation of the subsidiary SERIGROUP srl in 1991 – which operates in the electronics industry (printed circuit board production) – helped to promote this innovation and today we give these products an important place and specific attention at Seribell.


The need, in fact, to diversify production to conquer new markets and to meet the needs of the electronics industry, led us in the eighties to producing polycarbonate and polyester front panels and, above all, high-tech membrane keyboards.

In a few years

In a few years, the ambition and passion to develop this production industry by the main business promoter, Gianfranco Reolon, led to a progressive and remarkable company development.


Our story began in Belluno back in 1973: Seribell was a traditional screen-printing workshop, chosen by customers for the production of adhesive labels, advertising banners, plates, t-shirt and gadget printing.

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Seribell is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified

Optimised production processes, quality management system organisation with specific focus on environmental aspects have allowed Seribell to obtain the ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications