In the electronics industry since 1973
In 1991, beside Seribell, Serigroup was founded

Our company Seribell has been working and operating in the electronics industry since 1973. We have been making capacitive keyboards, membrane keyboards and front panels for electronic instruments for 50 years, always keeping up with technological innovation. In 1991, beside Seribell, Serigroup was founded as a company specializing in the production of printed circuit boards and high-capacity boards with the same goals and values related to making products that meet the technological challenges of the market.

Technology Innovation
Seribell e Serigroup

Today, Seribell and Serigroup represent a 100% Made in Italy company from Belluno with many years of experience in the electronics market. Our team, combined with our production processes, technological components and professionalism, is constantly working to keep up with new market needs. To achieve these results, as Seribell and Serigroup, we have always invested time, capital and resources in:

  • research and development
  • customization and personalization

Research and development

Since the day it was founded, Seribell and Serigroup have been steadily investing in technological innovation and ongoing employee training. Continuous investment is aimed at developing, through new production processes, high-performance achievements to support people’s daily life, capable of anticipating market needs and expanding their horizons nationally and internationally.

Personalization and customization

The challenge of responding daily to the needs of an ever-changing market helps us to focus on one aspect that Seribell and Serigroup have made their own: customization. Each individual request has the assurance of being tailor-made with unique and customized features that gratify and satisfy the needs of the end consumer.


Seribell and Serigroup operate, day in and day out, in an ever-evolving industry with an eye to the past to treasure the experience gained. With this valuable background, we are committed to meeting the challenges of the future to the best of our ability, knowing that the tenacity of teamwork and the innovation of knowledge are our most valuable resources.