Cutting edge technology for the production of
touch panels, screen printed panels, capacitive keyboards and screen-printed products

The use of tested materials and advanced technologies, the special care in the graphic design sector and the offer of customer assistance and collaboration during the various moments of the production process, allow us to promptly and professionally meet market requirements.

We are pleased to count important industries among our customers in the most varied technological sectors: from the electronics industry to consumer products, from home appliances to packaging.


The graphics department designs and creates transfer paper for screen printing processes; it is modern and has cutting edge technological equipment; it uses 4 stations equipped with the latest graphic design software.

Department for preparing
frames for printing

Department for preparing frames for printing uses


The printing department uses the latest machinery such as:

Cutting and
blanking department

The cutting and shearing department is composed of high-precision equipment such as:

Electrical testing

Finally, great attention is paid to the final product yield, assured with quality control and testing through:


At Seribell, we use high-quality materials in our production, ensuring durability.

Seribell is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified

Seribell is also ISO 9001 and 14001 certified